We are a renowned sofa furniture manufacturer and distributor in Malaysia and overseas, specializing in the production of all types of sofa furniture, ranging from leather sofa to fabric sofa Malaysia.

As the leading sofa furniture manufacturer and distributor, our leather sofa, fabric sofa Malaysia and other sofa furniture can be custom made according to the needs of our clients– from high end sofa in hotels, restaurants and government buildings to the needs of furniture at homes, entertainment centers and etc.




Please feel free to browse through our wide variety of sofa furniture choices for your spaces. Quality piece at reasonable price and on-time delivery.

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The high demand for sofa furniture is concurrent with the high growth in the housing development and construction sector. On a larger scale basis, the market draw demand from hotels, luxury condominiums and apartments, holiday resorts, entertainment centers etc. On a smaller scale, the demand comes from individual house owners who need to furnish their house. Hence, the growth in the furniture industry.


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Sofa Furniture provided by leading sofa manufacturer   Sofa Furniture provided by leading sofa manufacturer
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